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On a recent interview with one of the sellers who on-boarded in January 2017, the seller expressed his success story citing variety of advantages most importantly reaching a larger audience over a short period of time.

Sellers should choose as their online sales partner. By selling on, sellers can increase market reach, diversify product range, save time, save money, improve customer service and be a part of the healthy competition.

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Step into India’s Cultural Style with Rushpick

February 25, 2017 10:11:00 PM IST

I guess you are all taking a seat since you have finally learnt to expect the unexpected. Yes, you are thinking correctly. Genuine Ethnic Sarees just got distinctly easier to find… yes, ladies. Rushpick is now selling Cultural/Ethnic Sarees! If you like our Sarees, you will love yourself draped in them. We have a vast collection of Assam Silk Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Bandhani/Bandhej Sarees, Bhagalpuri Sarees, Bomkai Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Dhakai Sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Kantha Sarees, Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, Kota Sarees, Leheriya Sarees, Paithani Sarees, Patola Sarees, Tant Sarees and more. Let me tell you the best thing about buying from Rushpick, you won’t need look around elsewhere comparing prices as we offer the lowest across online stores without compromising on quality. 

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The new e-commerce trend -

January 24, 2017 1:46:00 AM IST is a young Indian brand in the online shopping marketplace. We are passionate about what goes into our website and we want our customers to care as much about what they put on themselves as the food they eat. At Coherent Solutions, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest issue in online shopping. Sellers don’t know how to sell their products online, or even what to price them at in order to have a market share. Customers don’t know where to find the high quality products at lowest prices. We want to make the online shopping experience transparent, affordable, easy, quick and reliable.

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